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If you are a budding advocate, an aspiring trademark agent, or someone who wants to register a Trademark on your own, This course is for you. Here you will learn the practical steps involved in registering Trade Mark in India from Advocate Sofia Bhambri(TM attorney) with 10+ years of experience in the field of Trademark laws and intellectual property rights.

What you will learn from the course

  • Hands-on training w.r.t to filing TM Applications.
  • Learning to clear the objections on abovesaid applications.
  • Adhering to the mandatory time period in clearing objections.
  • Answering ShowCause Notices.
  • Appearing before TM Registry and presenting your case.
  • Complete Step by Step Procedure for Prosecution.
  • Real Life Practical Tasks.
  • Drafting various applications.
  • Drafting Cease & Desist Notices/Reply.
  • Drafting License and assignment Agreements and much more.


A self-paced(can be completed easily in 4 weeks) automated Trademark registration & practise course with inbuilt quizzes to solidify understanding of the course material. Study materials & drafting exercises are included to prepare for the doubt-clearing sessions on every Wednesday/Thursday. In the end, a certificate of completion will also be provided.

The Knowledge of Experts

Learn about Trademarks, Types of Trademarks in India, Classes of Trademarks, and Trade Dress. Find out about the stages & steps involved in Trademarks Registration Process. Understand more about the mode of transfer of trademark and what a legal certificate looks like. Learn more about the IP division & what to do with a cease & desist notice.

Practical Exercises

Find out how to become a Trademarks Agent or how to obtain a Trademark Attorney Code. Learn about how to file for trademark registration through a real-world case study on the application for the registration of a well-known trademark. Find out how to file opposition & counter-reply in trademark violation cases and how to draft amendments & renewal of TM applications. Learn & practice drafting miscellaneous applications like, Applications for Duplicate TM Certificate, Applications for Extension of Time, Applications for Restoration of Trademark, Applications for Alteration/Change of Address of Service, Applications for Cancellation/vary the registration of Certification mark, Applications for Review of Registrar’s Decision & Appeal Against Registrar of TM

New Aquaintances

Meet, greet and form new acquaintances with the students enrolled in your program. Get access to exclusive LinkedIn & slack groups in order to increase your network and stay in touch with the people who are treading ahead in the space of TM registration and practise.

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Adv. Sonali Kumar

I have been practicing before the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi for 7 years in civil matters.

I was always passionate about being professionally trained in Trademarks Prosecution Procedure. The books I read never had practical knowledge and they were of little help to me, then I stumbled upon a training course developed by Adv. Sofia Bhambri where she explained to me step by step procedure for the same.

The course is designed and delivered with real-life examples and tasks so that one can actually get a hold of practical client problems which an Attorney may expect.

Manik Sharma

I had no prior experience in Intellectual Property Rights and how to effectively practice it. I really wanted to gain the skill set in it.

Then I came across Ms. Bhambri’s Training Course on TM Registration & Practise and believe me it is a valuable addition to anyone’s skill set as well as CV.

What I liked most about her course is that she breaks down complex concepts and explains them very easily to learners.

Gaurav Dubey

I started practicing before Delhi High Court recently and wanted to have a skill set that is pandemic safe.

During COVID induced lockdown I realized one thing, freelancing is a must if one wants to progress in their career and Trademarks is one such field where a professional can work with a laptop and stable internet connection from anywhere in the world.

I have completed a month-long certificate course with Adv. Sofia Bhambri and found it to be an enriching addition to my already existing skill set.

Ayush Saxena

The course was very much inclusive of the latest trademark developments in the industry and discussions on concepts related to licensing, prosecution as well as litigation of trademarks. Simulation exercises that include practical perspectives, and strategies for dealing with various trademark disputes related to unauthorized use, comparative advertising, infringement, passing off, etc.

It helped me develop key practical skills like calculating damages for trademark infringements, understanding commercial aspects of trademark transactions, acting on behalf of large brands or labels and enforcing trademarks. The Drafting classes for various documents, petitions, applications, and contracts for the monetization of trademarks made me realize the real challenges of the legal system.


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