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Understanding Maintenance Laws in India: A Comprehensive Guide for Lawyers and Laypeople Alike.

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  • Have you been subjected to a false maintenance case by your spouse?
  • Is your spouse harassing you by demanding an extravagant amount in the false Maintenance Case?
  • Are you planning to file Maintenance Petition in the Court of Law?
  • Are you feeling tortured & facing the daunting task of appealing against a maintenance order?
  • Are you a Law Student, Lawyer, or layman interested in studying the peculiarity of Matrimonial & Maintenance Laws in India?

Discover your rights to maintenance in India under Section 125 Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973.

Contrary to popular belief, maintenance claims can be made not just by wives and children, but also by parents from their children who have sufficient means. In special circumstances, it can be claimed by husbands also.

Whether you are a law student, lawyer, or layperson, it is crucial to understand the law behind maintenance and where to file such a petition.

With a significant rise in cases filed in family courts across India, it is essential to be well-informed.

Our 3-day automated Online workshop is tailored to guide you through the legal process and equip you with the knowledge to assert your rights.

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In our 3 Days automated Workshop over Law on Maintenance in India, we will cover the following important aspects

  • Who can claim the Maintenance amount?
  • From whom Maintenance amount can be claimed?
  • In which Court does the Maintenance Petition lie?
  • Kinds of Maintenance under Indian Law.
  • Which Procedure is applicable Criminal or Civil?
  • Duration taken to decide a Maintenance Petition in Court.
  • What to do if your Wife is harassing you for Maintenance?
  • How to move in Appeal against the order of Maintenance?
  • What to do if the Order for Maintenance has not been complied with?
  • Can the Maintenance amount be increased or decreased?
  • In which cases Court can strike off the maintenance amount?
  • Is there any punishment for not giving Maintenance?
  • Compendium of 50 Landmark Judgments on Maintenance law in India.

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Here's what the workshop structure is like:

1st Session – 1 Hour with Q & A

  • Law related to Maintenance.
  • Applicability of Section 125 Cr.P.C .
  • Who can claim the Maintenance amount?
  • In what circumstances Maintenance can be claimed?
  • Who is liable to pay maintenance?
  • Discussion on Real life Court Cases of Maintenance

2nd Session-1 Hour with Q & A

  • Types of Maintenance Orders.
  • In which Court Maintenance Petition is filed?
  • How long does it take to get a Maintenance order from Court?
  • What points are to be covered in an argument on Maintenance Petition in a Court of Law?
  • How to get a favourable order if you are a wife?
  • How to get a favourable order if you are a husband?
  • How to collect proofs in your favour?

3rd Session- 1 Hour with Q & A

  • How to Appeal against maintenance order?
  • Where to Appeal?
  • What is the duration to file an Appeal?
  • How to increase or decrease the Maintenance Amount?
  • Discussion on Landmark cases in favour of the wife.
  • Discussion on Landmark Cases in favour of Husband.
  • Discussion on Landmark cases in favour of Children & Parents.

More than 200+ favourable outcomes in Court

A few of our cases are explained below

Case 1- In favour of Wife

Wife deserted by NRI Husband

Case 2 - In Favour of Husband

The exorbitant maintenance claim reduced, wife did not disclose rental and interest income

Case 3 - In favour of Wife & Children

Extra marital affair. Refused to maintain his wife and minor daughters.

Case 4- In favour of Parent(Father)

Son getting rental income from father's property. Not contributing to the father's medical expenses.

Case 5 - In Favour of Husband

As soon as husband leaves for Canada, Wife filed false cases under DV act, claimed maintenance, and shifts to the paternal house

Case 6 - In favour of Parent(Mother)

Widow pushed out of her own house by her son & his wife. Dual favorable order attained for our senior client

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