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Dive into the comprehensive Start-Up Laws, Procedures & Practice course, designed to provide a solid foundation in the legal aspects of entrepreneurship. Through five key modules, you'll gain insights into start-up incorporation and registration, the regulatory framework under DPIIT, and the provisions of the Companies Act. Understand the intricacies of shares, equities, and winding up procedures, while honing your drafting skills.

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Explore the applicability of IPR laws on start-ups, including copyright, trademark, and patent registration processes. Familiarize yourself with taxation laws and benefits specifically for start-ups, and navigate the world of MSME laws, the role of the MSME Council, and the legal procedures to follow. Sign up today to confidently steer any start-up through the legal landscape and aid its success.

Who is the course for?

The Start-Up Laws, Procedures & Practice course is specifically tailored for a diverse audience, including aspiring entrepreneurs, startup founders, and professionals who seek a solid grasp of the legal dimensions of launching and operating a Start-Up in India. This course is invaluable for law students, legal practitioners, and business consultants looking to specialize in start-up law and offer expert advice to new businesses navigating the intricate legal landscape in India.

Additionally, the course is suitable for investors, venture capitalists, and incubator/accelerator program managers who want to better understand the legal requirements and challenges faced by start-ups in India, ensuring more informed decision-making when supporting emerging businesses. Furthermore, it serves as a helpful resource for educators and mentors in entrepreneurship programs, enabling them to provide accurate and up-to-date legal guidance to their students and mentees.

Main features of the course

Completely automated self-paced course which you can do easily within a month or so. Come join us to gain from the knowledge of experts and indulge in practical exercises to solidify your understanding. Study materials & drafting exercises are included to prepare you for real-life case scenarios. Doubt-clearing sessions on demand. Join the network of students, founders, and law professionals who have taken the course.

Maximum 5 Weeks

If you do just one module a week,it will take you maximum 5 weeks to complete the course


The course is completely automated. Upon signing up you will be given access to your dashboard where you can undertake the course at your own pace.

Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion is also automated and upon successful completion of all modules, you will receive your certificate at your email address

Modules Structure

Module 1

  • Introduction to Start-Up Laws.
  • Incorporation & Registration of Start-Ups.
  • Application of MSMEs Laws qua Start-Ups.
  • Regulatory Framework for Start-Ups under DPIIT.

Module 2

  • Provisions of Companies Act under Indian Law.
  • Incorporation of Start-Ups-Procedural Steps.
  • Procedure Related to Shares & Equities.
  • Winding Up Procedure of Start-Ups.
  • Drafting Tasks

Module 3

  • Introduction to applicability of IPR Laws on Start-Ups.
  • Copyright Law-Steps & Procedure for Registration & Prosecution.
  • Trademark Laws-Steps & Procedure for Registration & Prosecution.
  • Patent Laws-Procedural Steps qua Start-Ups.
  • Drafting Task

Module 4

  • Introduction to Taxation Laws.
  • Procedure for availing benefits for Start-Ups.
  • Applicability of Online Portals qua Start-Ups.
  • Drafting & Legal Advisory Tasks.

Module 5

  • Introduction to Application of MSME laws on Start-Ups.
  • Role of MSME Council.
  • Filing Procedure before the MSME Council.
  • Drafting of Applications to the Council.
  • Step by Step Legal Procedure applicable to the Council.
  • Drafting & Legal Advisory Tasks.


My name is Abhyansh Gaurav, and I am a second-year BBA.LLB student at Symbiosis Law School, Noida. Sofia Ma'am provided exceptional training in the Start-Up Law, procedures & Practice Course. As a law student, I am drawn to the corporate sector, and with the growing number of start-ups emerging, it's crucial for us to acquire the necessary skills in this area.

Abhyansh Gaurav

2nd Year, BBA.LLB

Symbiosis Law School Noida

I currently work as a Contracts & Compliance Specialist at Millennium Automations Private Limited, an IT infrastructure company. I highly recommend this course for those eager to grasp legal aspects and learn how to manage a business from an administrative standpoint. Thanks to this course, I am now more confident in my knowledge of startup laws.

Adv. Tarini Tandon

Contracts & Compliance Specialist

Currently, I serve as a Senior Legal Executive at SS Supply Chain Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and have previously worked at Credgenics, in addition to litigation experience. This course on working with start-ups has not only helped me enhance my existing skills but also introduced new abilities to my repertoire. It has imparted valuable lessons on both advancing my career within startups and developing entrepreneurial skills. In summary, this course is more than just an ordinary learning experience; it's an exceptional opportunity to acquire new knowledge.

Adv. Rohit Gattani

NLIU Bhopal, NLU Delhi

Senior Legal Executive

I am Adv. Manish Raghav and practicing at MSME Council in Delhi since three years. I had to brush up my skills pertaining to Start-Up Laws & Practice, hence I decided to enroll in Legaleech’s Certificate Course and hone my skills. Trainers Adv. Sofia Ma’am left no stone unturned to train us in drafting skills too. I would highly recommend this course for any law student or professional who wishes to enter the corporate sector.

Adv. Manish Raghav

MSME Council, Delhi

Lishima Sehgal

B.A. LL.B. (Hons)


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